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Five Reasons you Need a Post-Partum Doula

We all know about the importance of pregnancy and post-partum care, but what does post-partum care really look like. Did you ever think that a Doula could help aid in your recovery after birth?

Until I met Amie, one of the founders of National Capital Doulas, I thought Doulas were only for pregnancy and birth. Read below to see Amie's top 5 reasons you should hire a post-partum Doula.

1. Help is defined by the person receiving it, not the person giving it. We know and embrace this. We're there for you to help with what you need most.

2. Our knowledge is current. Postpartum doulas engage in continuing education. We stay up to date on regulations, product recalls, and statements on best practices from organizations like the Canadian Pediatric Society so that we can provide you with information that is safe, helpful, and for today's parent.

3. Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Postpartum doulas are your personal Baby Whisperer! We come with mad skillz and readily transfer that knowledge to you. We love to see you blossom as parents and we go out of our way to work with you while your confidence grows.

4. Everyone's got an opinion, right? Not us! We want you to be the parent you feel comfortable being. We understand there are many ways to do all of these parenting tasks, from feeding, to sleep, to soothing. We're abreast of it all, and will support your choices in being the parent you're destined to be.

5. Sleep? Food? Chores around the house? We've got you covered. We want you to be the best you can be, and we're there to help with whatever is needed to get you there. Need a nap? Maybe you need help getting caught up on laundry? You definitely need to eat wholesome food and stay hydrated. We're there to help with all of this!

If you want to connect with Amie or anyone from her team to learn more about hiring a Birth Doula, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram


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